If you are registering you must use your first and last name as your user name.
This is a restricted family site and it makes it easier for everyone to know who is who.

April 2020


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Welcome to the Fred and Dixie Farmer Genealogy Forum.
This is a closed Forum and requires your first and last names to register. If you are not related to Fred or Dixie Farmer, you will not be given access.
This is G rated forum. It is intended to be one where anyone can have their kid or grand kid on their knee and not be ashamed of anything seen or read on the screen.
This forum is dedicated to the memory of Fred Carven Farmer and Dixie Joyce McDowell-Farmer and their offspring. I hope you enjoy yourself here and contribute to any discussion that interest you.
All pictures posted here at Farmer Genealogy are property of the person who took the original photos and may not be taken without written permission of the owner of said picture.
If you post a picture that you did not take, please be sure to provide credit to the site where you found the photo, so as to provide acknowledgment to them for their material.

Also, any posts regarding fun antidotes about a family member are also property of the person originating the thread and may not be taken in whole, or in part without written permission of said person as well.

When registering it is important for you to state your relationship to Fred C. Farmer or Dixie J. Farmer.
Especially if I don’t know you. You folks will be surprised how bad my memory is. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the forum administrator. (BTW that’s me).


Ike Coleman